Friday, February 27

Winter 2014/2015 Outfits 35 through 38

More Winter Outfits
Winter is slowly morphing into spring, even though we are still skiing most weekends, and I am just not feeling very creative in my outfits.

I am however thinking about my spring capsule.

My biggest lessons learned from the winter capsule are that I really like to have sleeveless shirts to wear under other things and I need good jeans.  So that's where my money is going for the spring capsule.  I have three sleeveless shirts on the way and plan to get a couple solid, simple, and cheaper tank tops to round it out (unless I can pull them from my boxes of summer clothes).  I really think that the sleeveless shirts will go a long way to helping me bridge the gap on the warmer days, if we get them, but still be good for the cooler days.

Now the jeans.  This is going to be rough.  My favorite jeans gave out on me half way through the winter capsule, so I did an emergency shopping and grabbed a pair that would get me through.  Right now, I am planning to invest in a nicer pair of jeans, but experiment with the cheaper ones.  I want to convert them from a boot cut to a slimmer straight leg jean, but not a skinny jean.  I did it last year with a pair of capris and loved the effect.  The emergency jeans I got have just enough give in the leg that I think they should work really well for this project.     

Friday, February 20

Winter 2014/2015 Outfits 30 through 34

What happened to this week?

(I think I need to clean my lens!)

It has been a weird week for sure.  A lot of Go Go Go. A lot of "drama."

And look at that, I wore the chevron tank twice in a week. Hmmm.  That's a good thing to note as I plan the spring capsule.  I have to admit, that I think I have too many pieces in my winter capsule.  There are things I just haven't worn.  Not sure how that will translate into the spring, but it is something to consider.

More Hair Love this week.  I told you I was loving my hair.  I am finding ways to play with it more.  I am finding myself thinking of different things I could do with it.  Hair Love.

Friday, February 13

Winter 2014/2015 Outfits 26 through 29

The rest of the week looked a little like this.
Just your typical week, I guess.  I am finding that I am pretty tired of that purple dress.  I guess it is time to put it away.  :)  However, much to my surprise, I am finding that I really love my black and cream sweater/sweatshirt because it is so warm and cozy and soft.  I just need to find more ways to wear it. 

I am already thinking about my spring capsule.  We've had such an odd winter - not nearly rainy enough and much warmer than normal.  I am nervous that the spring will be similar or maybe worse, a giant mess of rainy and cold days.  I am finding it hard to start planning for spring, which is already hard enough to dress for.  I think mostly, I plan to add in another jacket and a couple of short sleeved shirts, put away some of the stuff I am tired of, and include more patterned and colored shells/tanks (like my chevron one) to mix things up a little.  I am hoping this is a good mix that will let me get through all the weather Seattle will have to throw at me.

Here's a little jewelery love from the week. 

I love the contrast of the geometric, triangular necklace and the softer curves of the heart.  

And a little hair love.
I have seen this heart hair style all over Pinterest and Facebook.  I knew I wanted to do it for Valentine's Day, which I love.  Not in the "buy me stuff" way, but in the "I love hearts" way.  :)  I did get my hair cut last Saturday, and I have finally found someone that gets my hair.  Whew.  He understands what I am going for and we have a solid plan to get there.  The bangs are being grown out, but in the mean time, I have effortless side swept bangs. (you have no idea how much product I was using to keep the side swept look before.)  More importantly, I am loving my hair again. 

Tuesday, February 10

Winter 2014/2015 Outfits 24 and 25

The return of the "uniform"
I was thinking to myself, as I updated my Winter 2014/2015 Outfits post, that I hadn't worn my uniform much lately.  For those of you that are just joining me, the uniform concept (as I define it) is a basic outfit or silhouette that is worn repeatedly.  For me this is my fall back outfit when I want to feel good or when I don't want to think about what to wear.  I have a casual one - the skinny jeans and cowl neck sweatshirt and a work one - pencil skirt and cardigan.   I am sure it was because I was thinking of them, but look at that my uniforms showed up two days in a row!  (And so did that chevron tank, but I adore it!)  I haven't abandoned the uniform concept, but I think my lack of uniform wearing says a lot about the variety of pieces that I have built into my capsule.

Did I mention a jewelery capsule?  Well I kind of did one.  Sort of.  I mostly pared stuff down and put away things I wasn't really wearing.  It let me de-clutter my jewelery space a little, so now I can see what I really have.

Friday, February 6

Winter 2014/2015 Outfits 19 - 23

Here's what I wore to work this week:

I know, I know, it is a lot of jeans.  I went into this week with all intentions of dressing up all week.  That fell apart after the crappy Monday I had.  I was in a total tailspin come Tuesday, and the thought of wearing anything nice just was going to push me over the edge.  So it was jeans on Tuesday and well, it just snowballed from there. I do have to say that I like all of these outfits and I felt good wearing them.

I have become a Stella & Dot addict.  In all of those, pictures, except the dress, I am wearing something from their collection.  I have to admit that a lot of their stuff, just isn't my style.  I don't do a ton of statement necklaces, but tend to favor versatile pieces.  For some reason their "Delicate" line combined with their "Rebel" line just hits the right jewelry spot for me.  

They call this arm candy. I just love it.

Of course, now this means that I have WAY too much jewelery, and I only wear some of it.  I think it might be time to do a jewelry capsule.