Wednesday, September 30

Fall 2015 Outfits 7 through 9

The first 3 outfits of the week
Wow, I really don't know what happened to that last photo.  It looked just fine on my phone. 

I don't have a ton to say about these outfits. I have noticed that the black pants are nearing the end of their lives.  Considering they have been a wardrobe staple for 6 years and have been altered significantly over that time, I definitely got my moneys worth. I will trying to fix the issue (the zipper won't stay up) before I go get a new pair.

Monday, September 28

Fall 2015 Outfits

I really like these compilation posts, so I will do it again.

Sunday, September 27

Fall 2015 Weekend 1

Outfits 5 and 6 

I realized that my fall capsule is a lot of blue, cream, and gray with accents of green, yellow, and purple thrown in.  I wonder if this will actually work for me in terms of having enough color.

Today's topic - Jeans.  Specifically how they look on my butt.  So yes, be prepared for pictures of my butt. 

(You were warned.)

One day while browsing the internet, I was sucked in by a click bait link about someone that tried on 30 pairs of jeans in one day.  Surprisingly, it was an interesting read.  She talked a lot about how jeans should really fit, especially if you want to avoid the "mom jean" look.  I was particularly surprised when she talked about the fit of plus size jeans and mentioned one of the brands I thought looked good on me as causing "mom jean" butt.  Being a skeptic, I filed the story in the back of my head for further research. 

When I went to buy my skinny jeans (I haven't actually worn those for the fall capsule yet), I decided to check out the article again and see if I could apply the principles in the article.  I decided to look for jeans with pockets that continued to the curvature of my butt, with pockets that weren't too spread apart, and for jeans that avoided the "upside down heart" without being baggy. I also took pictures, in the dressing room. Yeah, that was awkward. The fitting room attendant even offered to take them for me.  Awkward.

I did notice a difference when I got jeans that fit me right and loosely followed those tips. The skinny jeans looked less like I was trying to stuff a sausage into a casing.  They actually enhanced my booty.  And who doesn't want an awesome looking booty?

As much as I loved the effect, I wasn't ready to trash my other jeans and search for new ones.  I had just bought the jeans I was wearing in the spring after wearing out a two pair and had spent some money on them.  Plus the ones that ended up looking best on me (Seven7) aren't exactly cheap.

As I was shopping for the capsule, I happened across a sale that was offering $10 off for trying on pants and jeans and $25 off for buying them.  They happened to have the right brand in the right size, so I bought them. 

And so you can see what I mean, I present pictures of my booty.
The top picture is my original pair of boot cut jeans; the bottom picture is my new boot cut jeans.  I prefer the look in the bottom picture, for sure. I do still have one pair of the old jeans, in a straight leg style.  They fit a little better in the butt area, and frankly, I just didn't have the budget for a third pair of new jeans. 

I work hard for this booty (well actually, I work hard to have strong glutes to support a healthy lower back, but a nice looking butt is a fringe benefit), so I want it to look the best it can in pants!

Friday, September 25

Fall 2015 Outfit 4

(I was at home sick in my lounge wear yesterday. I will spare you the pictures of that!)

This is about to become my Friday uniform:

Everything in this outfit is new. The jersey, the jeans, the shoes, even the tank top. Surprisingly, it doesn't give me a ton of joy to wear the "new stuff", but maybe because these are things I had already worn before the capsule really started.  

Let's talk about the jersey in this post. I have plenty to say about the jeans and the shoes, but that will come in a later post.  :)

Growing up, I wasn't a HUGE football fan. My dad watched most games, and many of my cousins are into football. I went to some high school football games, but that wasn't really what my social circle did. Then I went to a college that didn't even have a football team, so football kind of left my life.  I still watched the Superbowl, like most other Americans.    

Then, about 2 years ago, Sam really, really, really got into football. Not just football, but really got into his hometown football team, the Seahawks. (Yes, the year leading up to when we won the Superbowl.)  He is so into it that we redecorated his room with a Seahawks theme. Over the last couple of years, it has kind of become his and my thing.  We watch football (and soccer - I really want Sounders season tickets for the 2 of us!) together.  I love it.  It is something that I am hoping will transcend those teenage angst years.  We'll see though. Maybe football will become uncool to him.  

Back to the jersey. I avoided getting a jersey just because Sam had one. They are expensive and frankly, I wasn't excited about sporting the Fan 12 jersey that a lot of people wear.  I was contemplating getting the 24 (Lynch) or 25 (Sherman) jerseys because I like those players, but I never could convince myself to do it.

Then we traded for Jimmy Graham. And then Jimmy Graham chose number 88.  That's when I knew I needed a jersey. Not because I have followed Jimmy Graham's career or have a particular liking of him, but because of the number.  You see, when I was 8 years old, 88 was my nickname given to me by my cousins (some of those football loving cousins) and it has stuck with me through the years.

It all comes full circle, right?

(And I really hope Graham does some great things this season!)

(And apologies to abandoning the Green Bay Packers that my family loves so much.  Seattle has become my hometown, so they are my team!)

(And yes, I feel like a fair weather fan at this point...)