Friday, March 27

Spring 2015 - Week 1

First Week of the Spring Capsule

Current Capsule Loves
I love having more options for the casual days.  I think beefing up the casual wardrobe was a good idea.  I am very curious to see how it really impacts the work wardrobe though.

I am LOVING having a third pair of jeans, especially the non skinny kind.  I wore the new, boot leg, more casual jean both last Saturday and Wednesday.  They just fit so well.  I have to admit, I may be over the skinny jean love.  I am trying really, really hard to not edit them out right now, but I am definitely worried that they won't get worn as much as I thought they would.

I am also loving having so many more options for tanks/sleeveless shirts to wear under cardigans.  It is one of those things that I felt was really lacking in the winter wardrobe.  Since this is my strategy for dealing with crazy spring weather, I am happy to have so many options.

My mom (awww)....  I have to thank my mom here for the green dress and yellow cardigan and the brown and white skirt.  She made me the dress (to match the shoes I am wearing in the picture) and the skirt for previous birthdays.  I love getting things custom made just for me, but this is even better because it they are sewn with love.

Friday, March 20

Spring 2015 - First Outfit

First Day of Spring and First Outfit

Not a very springy outfit, but that's ok.  I have a girls night tonight that will involve a bunch of walking outside and it is a work day.  I focused on warm, comfy, and work appropriate.  :)

Here's to a new, successful capsule!

Thursday, March 19

Spring 2015 - The Switch Hitters

I am trying something new this time - dividing pieces up by wear category, not type of piece or color of piece. 
See what I did there with a baseball reference?  Because it is spring? 

  1. Navy Top
  2. Navy Sleeveless Top*
  3. Teal Tank*
  4. Tan Moto Jacket
  5. Black Tank*
  6. Chevron Tank
  7. Honey Sweater
  8. Golden Long Sleeve
  9. Black Top*
  10. Yellow Cardigan*
  11. Purple Cardigan
  12. Black and White Cardigan
  13. Brown Cardigan
  14. Knit BomberJacket*
  15. Straight Leg Jeans
Not surprisingly this is the largest category for me. I really appreciate versatility in my clothing and my jewelery.  I guess that's why the capsule concept works for me.  I don't think I will ever have a capsule that is completely "switch hitters", but it will always be a large part of my capsule.

So that's it - my 36 piece capsule wardrobe for the Spring.  Most of my colors are still within the yellow/blue/purple/neutrals colors, but I have added some reds and greens.  I am curious to see if I have learned enough about what I love to wear and how I love to wear color to seamlessly integrate those pieces into my wardrobe.  I guess we'll find out.

Wednesday, March 18

Spring 2015 - The Dressy

I am trying something new this time - dividing pieces up by wear category, not type of piece or color of piece. 

These are the items that I see myself wearing only to the office.

  1. Green Dress*
  2. Black Shift Dress*
  3. Brown and White Pencil Skirt*
  4. Plaid Pencil Skirt
  5. Gray Tweed Skirt
  6. Black Dress Pants
  7. Floral Wrap Shirt*
  8. Purple Blazer
I definitely started to feel like I was in a bit of a rut dress clothes wise this winter.  Another skirt?  Another dress?  Nah, I will just wear jeans.

I have decided that I am not going to beat myself up for wearing jeans to a somewhat casual office.  We seem to have a mix of people that dress up because it is an office and people that work out on construction sites most of the time and just don't have the nice clothing. I am clearly over thinking all of this.  I won't lose my job over wearing a pair of jeans on a Monday.  This is all supposed to be about feeling good.  If I have a day where I want to look professional, then I have options.  :)

Tuesday, March 17

Spring 2015 - The Casual

I am trying something new this time - dividing pieces up by wear category, not type of piece or color of piece. 

The Casual Collection
  1. Two Tone Blue Striped Shirt*
  2. Gray Short Sleeve*
  3. White Short Sleeve*
  4. Heart Sleeveless Shirt*
  5. Brown Cowl Neck Sweater
  6. Not-So-Skinny Jeans 
  7. Boot Cut Jeans (Not Pictured)
I am defining casual here as the items I don't anticipate wearing to work, except on the occasional Friday.

I definitely noticed a lack of casual tops in my winter capsule.  I felt like I was saving the tops that were nicer for work.  I needed a good basic shirt or two to wear on the weekends.  I think I was saved this winter by skiing for a lot of the time or wearing lounge clothes because I didn't go out.  All I know is that I need more casual variety this time.

That's why there are so many shirts.  I know my spring is going to involve a lot of time outside on the weekends.  I can't hide behind my lounge clothes. I can't rely on spending whole days skiing.  I am really hoping these shirts help me feel not so limited.

Monday, March 16

Spring 2015 - The Shoes

Perhaps my favorite part, so let's start there.

  1. Tall Brown Boots*
  2. Black Booties*
  3. Green and Yellow Heels
  4. Navy and Black Heels
  5. Yellow Flats*
  6. Gray Converse
(I just realized that 3 of the 6 pairs of shoes I have here are from Clarks!)

I really surprised myself this time. I am down to 6 pairs of shoes.  In previous capsules, I know I was looking at around 10 pairs. Along they way, I have realized that when it comes to heels, I really only need 2 pairs when I am still including boots in the wardrobe. 

You might also notice there is a lack of the Dansko clogs in my capsule this time.  I haven't discarded them, but I have replaced them with the black booties.  I will still wear the clogs when I need the extra support, but for day to day, the black booties are awesome.  They are from Clarks and they have proved to be super comfortable.  They are one of the first pairs of shoes that I reach for in the morning.  I can't find a version of these or the brown boots on line (I got them both on sale/clearance), so no links, sorry.

The only other item for my spring capsule is that I am going to allow myself to swap out the boots for flip flops or sandals, should the weather get nice before the end of the capsule.  It is hard to predict, especially considering the winter we had, so I am allowing for some flexibility.

Friday, March 13

Winter 2014/2015 Outfits 44 through 47

Almost the end of my winter capsule

And I am really starting to feel it.  I don't know how people that do 2 capsules a year actually do it.  It isn't that I just don't love my stuff.  It is more that I just need a switch, a change, something new.  This may be why I have a shopping problem.  ;)

Since I am basically wearing the same stuff over and over again (want to know what I wore on Wednesday?  Look at last week. The Exact. Same. Outfit.), I am not going to bore you with any pictures of outfits next week.  Unless I come up with something really amazing.

Instead, I will present my Spring Capsule!  The first day is next Friday!  I am adding in two more colors and trying to pare down the number of pieces.  I am aiming for 36, but might have to go to 40.  I am definitely worried about the weather the spring will bring us, so I am having trouble finding the balance between cooler weather items and warmer weather ones.  I also felt like I was lacking on the casual items a bit this last time, so I need to factor that in.

I am also fighting the urge to just start over completely with my wardrobe.  I know.  There is no need for that. I have pieces I LOVE. I just want to LOVE all my pieces.  That's what this whole capsule adventure is about, right?  It has definitely gotten me thinking about my "ultimate capsule" and where I want to end up.  I think it is pretty simple:
  1. Wardrobe of basics that carry over from season to season - work skirts, jeans, work pants, etc.  These will be investment pieces, things that I spend money on because I will be wearing the heck out of them.  I expect this to be at least 75% of my capsule items.
  2. Fun pieces that I switch out.  These will be trends that I want to try out, and consequently, things I spend a lot less money on.
Now, I just need to develop a path to get me to this ultimate capsule.

Friday, March 6

Winter 2014/2015 Outfits 39 through 43

I can't believe it is March!
And I can't believe the winter capsule is almost done. I have to admit, I am looking to shake things up a little.  I need some brighter colors - not that yellow isn't bright enough - and some airier pieces.  I am craving spring. Today officially kicks off the planning for the spring wardrobe, so stay tuned!

One thing I know I am going to want to do is rock those booties in the last picture with those jeans.  Today's outfit (the last picture) was a dry run.  I especially love the effect from the side.

Remember how I said I was going to convert my jeans into "skinnyish" jeans?  I am wearing them today.  I love them.  Not skin tight skinny, but a skinnier silhouette. I can still get them in boots, but I can also cuff them up and wear them with booties.

Did I mention that I replaced my black Dansko clogs in the capsule with these booties?  No?  Well more on that as the spring capsule comes together.