Friday, April 17

Spring 2015 - Week 4

Back to our normally scheduled programming

Well sort of. :)  We continue to be crazy busy.  My in laws were in town, so we spent most of the weekend with them.  I got to go dress shopping for a murder mystery party this weekend.  It is an "Oscar's After Party" themed event, so I hit the thrift shops looking for the perfect dress.  I found it and had so much fun shopping with my mother-in-law and my daughter.  :)

Current Capsule Love
Finding new ways to wear my black and white sweatshirt.  I love this sweatshirt/cardigan because it is so soft and not your normal sweatshirt.  I am glad I thought of this outfit.

Wearing my brown boots with skirts.  It bridges the gap on those chilly mornings without having to wear tights or hose. Plus, they are comfortable.

The flexibility. This is exactly what I designed my spring capsule for.  Sunday was sunny, but cold as the week went on, it warmed up to the point that I wore Thursday's outfit (brown and white shirt) around the office without the sweater once it climbed out of the 40s.

The floral shirt.  Still.  Yes, I know, it made the love list already, but I still adore it! It is just so perfect for the office or a night out. 

Friday, April 10

Spring 2015 - Week 3

This week included a quick little trip.

It is spring break this week, so we took a trip down to Portland for the first part of the week.  It was some good family time, but oh boy am I tired!

Current Capsule Loves
Just how easy it was to pack for this trip! I am an over-packer.  Beyond my planned outfits, I usually take three extra shirts, an extra pair of shoes, and a few other things "just in case."  This time, I planned out each outfit in advance and only took those items. I even took OUT a pair of shoes at the last minute. It was so easy and so awesome.  We have a couple more trips coming up - a wedding, spring camp with Sam's school, and I have a work trip planned, so I am excited to see if this works just as well for those trips.

Friday, April 3

Spring 2015 - Week 2

Busy week, the first of many.

Baseball season is in full swing, so we're pretty busy trying to juggle a schedule of games and practices with regular life.   

Current Capsule Love
That floral wrap shirt.  It just screams spring to me and it fits so well. It is one of the custom shirts I had made from eshakti. They don't seem to be selling this pattern anymore, so I am glad I snatched it when I did.  It is a lot of pattern, but I like it.  It is great for a date night, too.  :)

Having my old fall backs, but better. I think  I was able to really hone in on things I LOVE in the winter, and now I get to wear them again.  This time, I get to have the pieces I need, so I don't feel like I am falling back on the same outfit over and over again.

Having only 36 pieces. I know, right?  I was really overwhelmed with my number in the winter and I think it was good to pare it back. I am kind of missing having another pair of heels, but I don't know which ones I would have added back in. I may regret this in early June.