Tuesday, December 23

Winter 2014 Outfit 2

Last Day of Work Before Vacation!
  • Black and Cream Sweater
  • Cream Shell
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Tall Black Boots
Clearly I can do no color at all, too.  I know I said I wasn't a flowy cardigan person, but I had to have this sweater/sweatshirt.  I only tried it on because of the collar; I thought it might be similar enough to an unstructured blazer that it would be that piece for me.  (Then I found the purple blazer I wore yesterday.)  As soon as I put this on, I fell in love. The biggest selling point is that it is soft and comfy.  However, I feel like this could be one of the "trendy" pieces in the winter capsule that might not get as much use. 

This is the last day before I am out of the office for a week and half on vacation. Some very dear friends are coming to visit for most of that time, so I probably won't be posting quite as much. 

Monday, December 22

Winter 2014 Outfit 1

First official outfit of the Winter 2014 Capsule!
  • Purple Blazer
  • Chevron Tank
  • Straight Leg Jeans
  • Blue Booties
I am going to post by "outfit" this time instead of by day.  Now you won't have to see the same outfit, particularly for weekends, over and over again.  I do want to start adding some detail shots though.

I managed to get all 3 of my colors into my outfit today. Sure the yellow is only in the earrings, but it is there!  There is something freeing about having 3 colors that I know work together.  I don't feel like I have to think quite as much about what does and doesn't match. 

Here's to a successful Winter Capsule!

Friday, December 19

Winter Capsule Part 5

Finally, the Browns

1. Brown Cowl Neck Sweatshirt
2&3. Tall Brown Boots and Low Brown Boots
4. Brown Cardigan

This is such a small part of the capsule and the one color with the fewest changes.  I am just adding in my tall brown boots, which are replacing the copper flats for the winter. 

That's it folks.  My 39 piece winter capsule.  I do have a slot open, should I get some of the shoes I had on  my wishlist.  I will just have to wait and see.

Fall 2014 Day 85

Last Outfit of the Fall 2014 Capsule!
  • Tan Jacket
  • Gold Tunic Top
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Low Brown Boots

I realized that this weekend I will primarily be in my "scrubby grubbies" because we'll be cleaning and baking to prepare for Christmas.  So this is it.  This is the end of the fall capsule.

It has been a great adventure.  I have learned so much.  I feel like I am getting a good groove and hope that I don't have the same hiccups as I did with the fall capsule.  My goal for the winter is to really focus on working with what I have and not feeling like I need to replace things because they are getting old and grubby.  My ultimate goal is to have a capsule full of good quality, nicely fitting basics and a few trendy pieces that I trade in an out with each capsule.  It might take me a good year to get there, but I will.  

Thursday, December 18

Winter Capsule Part 4

The Blacks and the Grays

1. Black Dress Pants
2. Black Polka Dot Shirt
4. Gray Shell*
6. Gray Tweed Skirt
7. Gray Converse
9. Gray Corduroys*
11, 12, & 13. Black Boots, Black Kitten Heels, Black Danskos

I had this vision of getting rid of all the gray in my wardrobe for the winter.  It is just so gray and dreary outside that I thought that replacing it with color in my wardrobe would brighten things up.  Then I realized I would have had to give up the gray tweed skirt and the gray converse and that idea went out the window.

I am liking the idea of adding in neutrals in patterns; the new skirt and cardigan seem to fit that bill!  I know I said that I wasn't a "flowy cardigan" girl, but this one is a little different.  The shape gives it more of a structured feel.  I can see myself wearing it with my tall black boots.

Winter Capsule Part 3

And the Blues...

1.  Blue Mod Shirt*
2. Jean Skirt*
3&4. Blue Booties* and Blue and Gold Heels
5. Navy Dress*
6. Teal Jacket
7. Blue and Black Shirt*
8&9. Skinny Jeans and Straight Leg Jeans
10. Chevron Shell*
11. Blue Houndstooth Cardigan*

This is by far the largest color category in my capsule.  That's partly because shades of navy are really a neutral, but also because if I am looking for things in yellow, purple and blue, blue tends to be the easiest to find.

Even though several of these pieces (7 of the 11 pieces) are new to the capsule, I actually pulled them out of storage.  The skirt, the booties and the sweater were all tucked away.  I actually wore the booties with the navy blue dress for my friends wedding reception.  I wore the houndstooth sweater for family pictures. Clearly these were pieces that I wanted to wear, so I brought them in for the winter.

I can't say anything but good things about the navy dress.  I got it from eshatki along with two other dress (one of which made it into this capsule and the other is reserved for fancy occasions).  For those of you not familiar with them, they design dresses in a certain look and fabric and you can just buy it in a standard size.  Now, if you are like me and wear two to three different sizes, here is where eshatki shines - you can get a custom dress for $7.50 more.  Sure it takes 10 days more, but honestly, it rocks.  The customization doesn't just stop at your measurements - you can shorten or lengthen the hem and sleeves, you can choose to have embellishment left off or have pockets added or taken out.  It is a way to get a dress you truly love.

I have gotten so many compliments on my three custom dresses and I am convinced it is because they actually fit.  More and more designs and fabrics are added every day, so I will definitely be back for other pieces. (I did not get paid for this, I just really love them.  Though if you do want to order a dress from these folks let me know and I can send a referral link.  You get $20 to spend and so do I.)

Fall 2014 Day 84

It's the home stretch!
  • Cream Thermal
  • Purple Cardigan
  • Straight Leg Jeans
  • Gray Converse

Only a few more days left in this capsule.  That's two more outfits after this one!  Wow.  I will probably be posting a lot over the next few days as I transition to the winter capsule.  You still have to see over half the winter capsule!

I have two certifications that require 8 hour refreshers every year; today is one of those training days.  The training room is typically pretty chilly, so that's why I added the scarf.  Otherwise, I just want to make sure I stay awake.  ;)

Wednesday, December 17

Fall 2014 Day 84

  • Brown Cowl Neck Sweatshirt
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Gray Converse

There has been a low level cold traveling through the family, and I think I am fighting it today.  Mostly everyone has gotten a little stuffed up and slept a lot.  I hope it passes just as soon for me.

All of these pieces will be in the winter capsule. :)

Tuesday, December 16

Winter Capsule Part 2

1. Purple casual blazer*
2. Purple Cardigan*
3. Purple Dress
4. Purple Crew Neck Sweater

I don't think anyone is surprised that purple is one of the colors in my capsule.  I am surprised that it is only four of the pieces.  Two of them are new - the blazer and the cardigan.

The purple casual blazer is inspired by Caroline over at Un-Fancy. She's had a few outfits where she's used her unstructured blazer, and I have loved them all.  I can't quite pull off a truly unstructured blazer, but I can pull off one that is more casual.  I almost didn't buy this one because I thought I had something similar at home.  I do, but it isn't as nice and it just didn't have the same casual, but dressed up effect.  I am actually really excited about this piece and think it will help round out the "what to wear on Thursday and Friday" dilemma. 

The purple cardigan is from ModCloth, again.  As soon as I realized I wanted to do a mix of three colors in my wardrobe, I knew I wanted to add in cardigans in those colors.  These ones from ModCloth have a lot of fans, and for a good reason.  I can't wait to wear this one.

Fall 2014 Day 83

Hello, Tuesday
  • Purple Crew Cardigan
  • White Camisole
  • Black Dress Pants
  • Copper Flats

These copper flats also didn't make it into the winter capsule.  (Are you sensing a trend this week?  It is wear the things that didn't make it in.)  There is just something about wearing flats in the winter when it is generally wet and a little chilly.  Plus, I hate having wet feet.  I know, I know, I could wear other shoes and change in the office, but I just don't seem to want to do that with flats.

I got this scarf recently, when I went to Urban Craft Uprising.  It is a double sided infinity scarf - one side is a shade of purple and the other is a black and white stripe. It fits perfectly into my capsule.  In the past, I probably would have bought something a little more "out there" that would have sat on my scarf hanger rarely worn.  This is where the capsule has worked its magic on me.

Monday, December 15

Fall 2014 Day 82

  • Blue Striped Shirt
  • Gray Cardigan
  • Gray Tweed Skirt
  • Red Shoes
Three of these 4 items won't be showing up in my winter capsule - the shirt, cardigan and shoes.  I am going to miss the shoes and the striped shirt, but they just don't work with the current winter wardrobe.  That's ok.  I can love them again in the spring. :)

Sunday, December 14

Winter Capsule Part 1

Not much of a weekend update here.  I did wear my uniform again - skinny jeans with brown cowl neck sweater and gray converse.  Since we've seen it all before, I thought I would start outlining my winter capsule.  

The biggest lesson I learned is that I need color and I need those colors to work together.  This winter, I am focusing on 3 colors - yellow, purple, and blue - along with neutrals.  Today you get to see the yellows and creams:

1. Airport Greeting Cardigan*
2. Yellow Tunic Top
3. Cream Sweater
4. Cream Polka Dot Cardigan
5. Cream Shell*
6. Tan Motorcycle Jacket
7. Cream Thermal (forgot this one!)

The Airport Greeting Cardigan and Cream Shell are both new.  I discovered the Airport Greeting Cardigan while looking for coats on Mod Cloth.  I am very excited about this piece!

I decided that shells that replaced my camisoles are countable items because they are strictly worn under cardigans and jackets.  These are shirts, not undershirts. This one is hard to see here, but it is a layered shell with a nicer material on top.  I also have one in gray. :) 

All the other items were in the fall capsule.  The cream sweater is the only item in this group that I went back and forth on.  I wear it and generally like it and it is great for those cold days.  I guess we'll see just how much I wear it. 

Friday, December 12

Fall 2014 Day 79

  • Brown Cardigan
  • White Cami
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Low Brown Boots
I feel like I am running out of outfit ideas.  Is it an end of the capsule lull?  Am I too wrapped up in planning for December 21?  Am I too wrapped up in end of the year work deadlines?

Thursday, December 11

Fall 2014 Day 78

  • Black polka dot top
  • Straight Leg Jeans
  • Teal and Gold Heels
I loved this outfit the last time I wore it.  Today? I just feel meh.  I think I am just tired and stressed, so nothing feels right but lounge pants. 

Wednesday, December 10

Fall 2014 Day 77

Windy Wednesday
  • Cream Thermal
  • Straight Leg Jeans
  • Low Brown Boots

I eventually changed to a headband to add a little more color to this outfit.  Today is filled with lots of working at home, lots of errands, and a good bye dinner before my father in law goes back to Baltimore.  This outfit should work well for all of those.  

I am finally done with my Winter Capsule.  Ok, well mostly.  I am at 39 items, and I purposefully left one slot open just in case an item comes my way for Christmas, like either of these babies:

I am also on the fence about the total number of pieces.  I would love to eliminate a few because when I put all this in my closet it felt too full.  I am sure that is because for every camisole and legging I removed (about 5 pieces), I added a new shirt or dress. I might still end up cutting a few items.

So here it is a, Preview of the Winter Capsule