Wednesday, December 2

This is It

I have decided that I need to stop blogging about my clothes.  There are TONS of reasons why, but I just don't have the energy to put into this right now. I need to focus on my other journey.

I am not going to give up on the capsule concept, I am just not going to blog about it anymore.

Monday, November 23

Fall 2015 Outfits 36 - 41

It has been a busy few weeks. That combined with the fact that a lot of my outfits are repeating, I just didn't post much.

If you can't tell it has been way too cold for dresses and skirts. I have been wearing a lot of jeans.  I think this may be a new normal for me, so I plan to invest in a few nicer jackets and blouse type shirts for the winter capsule.  I don't have a ton of upgrades in the casual wardrobe - maybe another casual sweater/sweatshirt thing, but really, I am pretty happy with that wardrobe.   

Wednesday, November 11

Fall 2015 Outfits 33 - 35

Some modifications this week
And by modifications I mean that I made physical modifications to a couple of items.

First up - the shoes in the first picture.  I promise you that I didn't add a new pair of shoes to the capsule. I simply transformed my black booties into the gray ones I always wanted from the beginning. 
There is this great leather paint (Angelus brand), and I have used it on several pairs of shoes.  My purple heels from this capsule used to be black.  I have a pair of green sandals that were the wrong color of green, but so comfy and cute; they are now gray. My black dansko clogs are now an awesome shade of blue.  I am obsessed with taking shoes that I love, but have tired of and transforming them into something brand new.  :)

I also made a modification to the navy dress in the second picture.  It had this weird sash across the front from one shoulder to the waist on the opposite side.  It was supposed to give the dress a "wrap dress" feel, but it was always awkward.  So I cut it off.  :)  It is a slightly different silhouette now, but I am ok with that.     

Wednesday, November 4

Capsule Wishlist

As I wear items in my capsule, I start making a mental list of the things that aren't working and what is really missing from my closet.  I am going to start writing that down in an effort to streamline the next capsule shopping and give me a place to "window shop" without actually shopping.

  • Sweaters!
  • New pencil skirt?  Maybe one that I make?
  • New dress pants?  Either retire the back ones for good and replace with a skirt or get new pants.
  • Dress shirts for work.
  • New straight leg jeans
  • Eddie Bauer Cardigans
  • Blazers

Tuesday, November 3

Fall 2015 Outfits 31 & 32

It has been a very purple two days!

Don't worry, I know it has been a very purple couple of days. I realized it when I got dressed this morning, but decided that I just didn't care.  :)  I have decided that shades of plum and mustard are my favorite color combo. Yellow is my favorite color, but it can be hard to wear.  I find that wearing it in accessories or in combination with plum makes it more wearable for me.

Speaking of accessories...


My earring style has really evolved since I started the capsule.  I was doing more statement earrings, and while I love them for the right outfit, I really am more of a delicate drop or large stud girl.  (I actually only have one pair of large studs right now, so guess what is on my Christmas list?)

The second pair of earrings (and the long necklace) is part of a jewelry "subscription" box - the Dearly Box by Elisabeth Ashlie.  (I get nothing for linking that. I just like her stuff.) I only ordered one box, for now.  I would love to get something each month, but I also know that new jewelry every month is a lot of new jewelry.  If I could stretch out to every other month, I would jump on a subscription, but for now, I think I will order boxes when I need a little shake up.  Or maybe get one for Christmas. ;) 

Friday, October 30

Fall 2015 Outfits 29 - 30 & Bonus Halloween

I was really trying to mix things up this week. I don't know if I feel like I was totally successful, but it was good to try to get out of my current feeling of blah.

We have a costume contest in the office, so I had to come up with something.  All of this, except the red shirt and necklace, is from my closet or Halloween stash.   I had some purple and black striped tights to go with this, but I think it might have been over the top.   

I don't expect to win the contest, like last year, but it was still fun to pull this together. 

Wednesday, October 28

Fall 2015 Outfits 23 - 28

That's a lot of outfits!
And they are not in the order in which they were worn. Oh well.

Boot season is officially here.  I am sad to put the Tieks on a lower rotation, but they are just not ideal for the rain.  I will still wear them when I can though!

I am really trying to mix things up and break against my own "uniform".  I was starting to get bored, and there are still seven weeks in this capsule.  That's not good.  I also know I have several pieces that I haven't even worn yet.  I need to break those suckers out to add a little more variety.

Friday, October 16

Fall 2015 Outfits 18 - 22

And we get a whole week of outfits!

(Some of the photos are fine, some still have weird shading or coloring. I think I am stuck with this.)

This was one of those weird weeks.  The kids had conferences, so I worked at home on Tuesday and Thursday.  This means lots of jeans.  :)  

I never updated on my shopping for the Fall capsule, so I am going to take the time to do that today.

  1. I bought the exact belt that I linked in my post. I haven't found the chance to wear it yet, but I have plans.  
  2. I did get a long sleeved t-shirt to wear under my jersey and other things as needed.  It hasn't been cool enough to really wear lots of layers yet, but it will be worn.  (It is so soft!)
  3. I never found the new sweater I was looking for.  Everything that seemed to be big enough, was too thin.  Everything that was bulkier, was too short.  I will keep looking for this in the winter, but I don't have my heart set on it.
  4. I did settle on a new casual sweatshirt (the one in the second picture above) and it has been a great piece.  
  5. I also got two new tops to wear under cardigans - the gray one in the third picture and the other one here



Thursday, October 8

Fall 2015 Outfits 14 - 17

Apparently cranking the brightness up all the way on the pictures seems to fix the issue with the darkness, mostly. I feel like the colors are still in the "true" range, so I guess I will go with this for a while.

I decided to post my work week, minus Friday this week because, well, Friday should look just like this Friday.  I really want to focus on outfits and not "what I wore today."  I am early enough in the capsule that I am posting lots of outfits, but the repeats will come.

My favorite outfit this week is the last one. I love the jeans, the sweater, and the boots.  I just feel cool and very, very me. It almost makes me want to get rid of my tall brown, flat boots.  It might just be the weather (it isn't quite cool enough for tall boots and sweaters).  It might be that I have fallen back in love with these boots now that I have the right skinny jeans.  I will be curious to see what footwear distribution is this fall.

Sunday, October 4

Fall 2015 Outfits 12 and 13

Also known as Soccer Saturday and Sounders Sunday
Between Sam's game on Saturday and Sam and I going to a Sounders game today, it has been a soccer filled weekend.

 (What is with the randomly blurry photographs?)

I have inspiration for a new background for my photos, which might help the issue of not being able to really see my bottom half. We'll see if it works.

Ok, so you might notices that I am wearing the same shoes both days this weekend and I have worn these shoes a lot.  There is a good reason for it.  They are the most comfortable flats I have ever owned.  In a fit of "I worked so many hours, I deserve something" shopping, I splurged on a pair of Tieks. Yes, they were expensive. Yes, they were worth every penny. 

I often have issues wearing flats because they don't provide the right support.  They haven't been my choice of shoe when I know we'll do a lot of walking.  Tieks changed that for me.  There is something about they way they are made that makes my feet align correctly, without any additional support or inserts.  My back never hurts even after wearing them to walk several miles. They are the best flat that I have found for my feet. I have my eye on several other colors, but I am waiting for a sale. 

I do have one minor complaint - they definitely show signs of wear at the back of the heel and the toe area, where the shoe is near the ground.  You can't really see it when I wear them, but when I take them off, I can see it.  I went to condition the leather today, I now believe that this wear might be a lot of road grime, so a good washing with leather cleaner might fix that for me. 

Friday, October 2

Fall 2015 Outfits 10 and 11

The rest of this work week.

You can't see the bottoms very well, but the ones on the left are my purple corduroy pants and the ones on the right are the new skinny jeans.   I LOVE both pairs of pants, so you will see them often.  Hopefully I can figure something out so that I can show more detail.  And less toilet paper. ;) 

And because it is someone's birthday...

Wednesday, September 30

Fall 2015 Outfits 7 through 9

The first 3 outfits of the week
Wow, I really don't know what happened to that last photo.  It looked just fine on my phone. 

I don't have a ton to say about these outfits. I have noticed that the black pants are nearing the end of their lives.  Considering they have been a wardrobe staple for 6 years and have been altered significantly over that time, I definitely got my moneys worth. I will trying to fix the issue (the zipper won't stay up) before I go get a new pair.

Monday, September 28

Fall 2015 Outfits

I really like these compilation posts, so I will do it again.