Friday, January 30

Winter 2014/2015 Outfit 18


That is all.

Thursday, January 29

Winter 2014/2015 Outfits 14 thru 17

It is really interesting to line these outfits up right next to each other.  I am seeing shapes and colors (and hair) that work and well, just don't work as well as I thought.

It is funny because I felt great about my outfits on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. (Pictures are in the order that I wore the outfits.)  Seeing today's outfit next to them - wow.  It is amazing what the right proportions can do.

Monday, January 26

Winter 2014/2015 Outfits 13 and 14

I am gravitating to uploading pictures less often.  With adopting the "outfit" model instead of the "what I wore today" model, it is just natural.  The sickness (I really and truly feel better now!) just made it easier to fall out of my habit of posting every day.  It just works right now, so I am going to stick with it.  In fact, I am going to do a weekly post for sure, but may sneak in an extra one or two if I am feeling particularly inspired.

So here are the last of last week's outfits.

I know, I know, it is jeans again.  In my defense, I really started to feel crappy again toward the end of the week and I just couldn't muster the energy to wear something nicer. (I am wearing a pencil skirt today!)

I have to admit that it is getting harder to stay away from dressy jean outfits because I am noticing more and more people dressing that way.  Is it because I am looking for an excuse?  Hmm...

Wednesday, January 21

Winter 2014/2015 Outfits 10,11, and 12

A few more outfits for you...
My sickness was not fun. Still isn't fun actually.  I ended up with an ear infection and pink eye.  My ears are still clogged and I still have that cough.  Luckily, other than the annoying stuff, I feel good. I am back at work, managing the kids (with the help of the awesome husband), cleaning the house, and staying up to a reasonable hour.
A few more jewelery shots, too!  These are some of my favorite.  I love the Washington State necklace because it is light (both weight and look) and fun.  It tends to be my go to silver necklace.  Two of the bracelets on the right are from Stella and Dot.  I am really impressed with the quality of the jewelery - it is costume, but unlike most stuff, I don't seem to be making it tarnish.  (There is something about my skin chemistry that makes almost every bracelet, ring, or earring I wear tarnish.) 

Thursday, January 15

Winter 2014/2015 Outfits

I found a post like this to be the most useful when I was going back and evaluating my Fall capsule.

(I eventually abandoned the spreadsheet - too much trouble with Google spreadsheets.)

So here's Winter 2014/2015's outfits:

Pictures Here