Tuesday, November 3

Fall 2015 Outfits 31 & 32

It has been a very purple two days!

Don't worry, I know it has been a very purple couple of days. I realized it when I got dressed this morning, but decided that I just didn't care.  :)  I have decided that shades of plum and mustard are my favorite color combo. Yellow is my favorite color, but it can be hard to wear.  I find that wearing it in accessories or in combination with plum makes it more wearable for me.

Speaking of accessories...


My earring style has really evolved since I started the capsule.  I was doing more statement earrings, and while I love them for the right outfit, I really am more of a delicate drop or large stud girl.  (I actually only have one pair of large studs right now, so guess what is on my Christmas list?)

The second pair of earrings (and the long necklace) is part of a jewelry "subscription" box - the Dearly Box by Elisabeth Ashlie.  (I get nothing for linking that. I just like her stuff.) I only ordered one box, for now.  I would love to get something each month, but I also know that new jewelry every month is a lot of new jewelry.  If I could stretch out to every other month, I would jump on a subscription, but for now, I think I will order boxes when I need a little shake up.  Or maybe get one for Christmas. ;) 

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