Wednesday, November 11

Fall 2015 Outfits 33 - 35

Some modifications this week
And by modifications I mean that I made physical modifications to a couple of items.

First up - the shoes in the first picture.  I promise you that I didn't add a new pair of shoes to the capsule. I simply transformed my black booties into the gray ones I always wanted from the beginning. 
There is this great leather paint (Angelus brand), and I have used it on several pairs of shoes.  My purple heels from this capsule used to be black.  I have a pair of green sandals that were the wrong color of green, but so comfy and cute; they are now gray. My black dansko clogs are now an awesome shade of blue.  I am obsessed with taking shoes that I love, but have tired of and transforming them into something brand new.  :)

I also made a modification to the navy dress in the second picture.  It had this weird sash across the front from one shoulder to the waist on the opposite side.  It was supposed to give the dress a "wrap dress" feel, but it was always awkward.  So I cut it off.  :)  It is a slightly different silhouette now, but I am ok with that.     

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